Grace Bible Church is, as its name implies, a Bible oriented Church. It focuses on the wholesome development of believers with the Grace message of God. The New Testament local Church is: group of believers, redeemed of Jesus Christ, gather together to Worship the living God in Spirit and Truth to participate the eternal plan and purpose of God. Thus Grace Bible Church is committed to follow the pattern revealed in the unchangeable God’s Word.

Grace Bible Church, as of now, is a city based house church in Tirunelveli. Grace Bible Church was started with the vision to stand for healthy biblical teaching in this troublesome times (2 Tim 4:3). Its two-fold mission is to give opertunites to hear true gospel to un-saved people and give healthy biblical teaching to believers.

Grace Bible Church is a Bible teaching Church

The pastor wants the believers to be nourished with sound biblical doctrine. So he shares the meaning of God’s Word as it is, through expository preaching. The Church leadership has keen interest on the wholesome development of the members of the Church, to be spiritually mature, to be thoroughly established in Faith (Ephesians 4:13-16). The Church is committed to provide the necessary guidance to its members for their purposeful and meaningful life.

Grace Bible Church is an evangelical Church

Evangelism and discipleship is the core values of any Spirit-filled church. We regularly involve in meeting people to share gospel and taking new believers through discipleship process of teaching bible systematically.

Grace Bible Church also have keen intrest in contributing to the existing christian community. Thus it undertakes another form of teaching ministry. Evangelical Bible School of India. Evangelical Bible School is a Bible study institute. Through this we seek to provide systamatic biblical studies and basic theological studies to any interested person irrespective of denomination.